ukmocat0000005AElectron Microscopic Image of Berlin Wall
UKMO Collection item UKMOCAT0000005 currently on loan to 66 East

[W]alls are the material declaration of the intent to repel all delinquent perception and all illicit communion. Walls are the armoury that preserves our personal integrity against the inroads of the rest of humanity and nature.’ (Robin Evans)

66 East’s third exhibition will study the wall: its characteristics, its texture, its surface, its function and its presence.

The wall can be described as an elementary particle of the urban environment. It functions as a partition between the private and the public, between flats and between rooms. It often exists as a neutral, almost unnoticed spatial border. It appears in plan as a two dimensional line, its thickness and depth possessing no significance other than its constructive qualities and ability to insolate noise and energy. Yet the wall -whether external or internal- is of primary importance for spatial division, exclusion and inclusion, limiting and enabling view and action. It is ‘split’ due to its double-sidedness, each side facing a different ambience or enclosure, defining it and being defined by its character.


Opening reception: Friday 18.06.04 18:00
Exhibition: 19 June – 24 July 2004
Opening times: Fridays 14:00-20:00, Saturdays 12:00-18:00

66 East: Centre for Urban Culture
Sumatrastraat 66
1094 NH Amsterdam